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Unleash Your Inner Leader: Interview Tips For Low D (Dominance) Personalities

Updated: Feb 27

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Preparing for a job interview by focusing on your strengths can give you a competitive edge and show the interviewer why you would be a good fit for the role. By understanding your unique qualities as someone who is Low Dominance (Low D) on Colorado Career Advising Tool’s DISC assessment and preparing to articulate them effectively, you can increase your confidence and improve your chances of landing the job.


Low D (Dominance) Graph

Someone who scores below 50 in the DISC Dominance behavioral style (red bar on the DISC graph) is considered “low” in that style.


Here are a few interview tips for a low dominance personality on the Colorado Career Advising Tool DISC assessment:

Be Confident And Expressive.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be more humble, so it’s important to show confidence and express your strengths during the interview.

Be Prepared To Speak About Your Accomplishments.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be more reserved and may not naturally highlight their accomplishments, so be prepared to speak about your accomplishments during the interview.

Show Your Ability To Work Well In A Team.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be team-oriented, so be prepared to give examples of how you have worked well in a team in the past.

Show Your Willingness To Learn And Grow.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be open to learning and growing, so be prepared to discuss your professional development goals and how you plan to continue learning and growing in your career.

Show Your Ability To Think Critically.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be analytical and thoughtful, so be prepared to give examples of how you have used critical thinking in the past to solve problems or make decisions.

Be A Good Listener.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be good listeners, so be prepared to actively listen to the interviewer and respond thoughtfully to their questions.

Show Your Ability To Adapt And Be Flexible.

Low D (Dominance) individuals tend to be adaptable and open to change, so be prepared to give examples of how you have adapted to changes in the past.

As a low D personality, you thrive in a more collaborative and supportive work environment. It’s important to seek out opportunities that allow you to utilize your strengths, such as strong interpersonal skills and a focus on teamwork. When you find a company culture that values these traits, you will be able to excel and feel fulfilled in your role. Embrace your natural style and let it guide you to your zone of genius, where you can make a positive impact through your collaborative approach.

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This blog post is a rebranded version of content originally published on IndigoPathway, now adapted and shared on Colorado Career Advising. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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