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Land Your Dream Job: High D DISC Personality Interview Strategies

Updated: Jan 23

Preparing for a job interview by focusing on your strengths can give you a competitive edge and show the interviewer why you would be a good fit for the role. By understanding your unique qualities as someone who is High Dominance (High D) on Colorado Career Advising Tool’s DISC assessment and preparing to articulate them effectively, you can increase your confidence and improve your chances of landing the job.


High D (Dominance) Graph

Someone who scores above 50 in the DISC Dominance behavioral style (red bar on the DISC graph) is considered “high” in that style.


Here are a few interview tips for a high dominance personality on the Colorado Career Advising Tool DISC assessment:

Be prepared to sell yourself and your qualifications.

High D (dominance) individuals tend to be confident and assertive. So use this to your advantage by highlighting your strengths and experiences.

Be aware of your body language.

High D (dominance) individuals may come across as intimidating or overbearing if they are not aware of their nonverbal cues. Make sure to maintain good eye contact, smile, and use open body language.

Be prepared to answer questions about how you handle conflict or difficult situations.

High D (dominance) individuals may be seen as confrontational. So, it’s important to have examples of how you handle conflicts in a professional manner.

Show how you can work well within a team.

High D (dominance) individuals may be seen as overly assertive. It’s important to demonstrate how you can work well within a team and be a strong team player.

Be open to feedback and be willing to adapt your approach.

Even if you are confident in your abilities, it’s important to be open to feedback and willing to adapt your approach to fit the needs of the company.

Be aware of your tone of voice and the way you phrase things.

High D (dominance) individuals may come across as intense. If they’re not careful with how they phrase things and the tone of their voice.

As a high D personality, you excel in fast-paced environments where results are the top priority. To ensure career satisfaction and success, it’s crucial that the role you apply for aligns with your strengths and the corporate culture values your driven and results-oriented approach. Embrace your unique abilities and let your natural style shine in your zone of genius – you will excel and be valued for being authentic.


This blog post is a rebranded version of content originally published on IndigoPathway, now adapted and shared on Colorado Career Advising. For the original blog post, please refer to the source material on IndigoPathway by visiting here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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