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Maximizing Your Impact: Interview Tips For Low I (Influencing) Personalities

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Preparing for a job interview by focusing on your strengths can give you a competitive edge and show the interviewer why you would be a good fit for the role. By understanding your unique qualities as someone who is Low Influencing (Low I) on Colorado Career Advising Tool's DISC assessment and preparing to articulate them effectively, you can increase your confidence and improve your chances of landing the job.


Low I (Influencing) Graph

Someone who scores below 50 in the DISC Influencing behavioral style (yellow bar on the DISC graph) is considered “low” in that style.


Here are a few interview tips for a low influencing personality on the Colorado Career Advising Tool DISC assessment:

Be Prepared And Organized.

Low I (Influencing) individuals tend to be well-prepared and organized, so be sure to come to the interview with a copy of your resume, references, and any relevant work samples.

Practice Interview Questions.

Low I (Influencing) individuals tend to present themselves best when they’ve had a chance to think through answers to questions. Make sure you practice what you want to say in advance to common interview questions. 

Show Your Ability To Work Independently.

Low I (influencing) individuals tend to be self-motivated, so be prepared to give examples of how you have worked independently in the past and how you are able to manage your own workload and projects.

Show Your Ability To Think Listen And Ask Questions.

Low I (influencing) individuals tend to be thoughtful listeners, so be prepared to listen carefully and ask relevant and powerful questions that let the interviewers know how insightful and observant you are.

Show Your Ability To Work Well Under Pressure.

Low I (influencing) individuals tend to be dependable and able to handle pressure, so be prepared to give examples of how you have handled difficult or stressful situations in the past.

Highlight Your Strengths In Creative Ways.

Low I (influencing) individuals tend to avoid the spotlight, so think of creative ways to highlight your strengths. Ideas include putting together a beautiful portfolio displaying your work, writing a song, taking some photographs, or doing a relevant project to the position ahead of time. 

Show Your Ability To Take Direction And Work Well With A Team.

Low I (influencing) individuals tend to be good at following direction, so show your ability to work well with a team and to take direction from others.

As a low I personality, you excel in roles that require focus, precision, and a more reserved approach. When considering new job opportunities, it’s important to seek out a corporate culture that values these traits and allows you to work in a focused and orderly manner. Embrace your natural style and find your zone of genius in a role where you can excel through your attention to detail and ability to work independently. Your strengths will be valued and appreciated in a workplace that aligns with your approach.

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This blog post is a rebranded version of content originally published on IndigoPathway, now adapted and shared on Colorado Career Advising. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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