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Harnessing DISC Profiles for Career Selection + Activity

Harnessing Disc Profiles For Career Selection

Introduction to DISC in Career Planning

When it comes to career planning, understanding one's behavioral style can be as critical as assessing skills and interests. The DISC assessment portion of the Colorado Career Advising (CCA) Tool provides valuable insights into behavioral preferences and can be a powerful guide in choosing a career that aligns with one's inherent strengths and work style. Each DISC profile—Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C)—offers unique perspectives on work environments and roles that might be the most satisfying and effective for an individual.

How DISC Influences Career Choices


Dominance (D)

High Dominance and Career Choices

Individuals with a high D profile excel in roles that require decisiveness and authority. They thrive in environments where they can lead and are expected to deliver quick results. Careers that allow high D personalities to exercise control and have a direct impact on outcomes are ideal. For example, a high D might excel in executive roles or entrepreneurial ventures where their ability to drive and manage results can be fully utilized.

Influence ( I )

High Influencing and Career Choices

Those with a high I profile are the communicators and collaborators. They are best suited for careers where they can interact with others, influence outcomes, and motivate teams. Marketing, sales, public relations, and other roles that require strong interpersonal skills and networking are natural fits for high I individuals.

Steadiness (S)

High Steadiness and Career Choices

High S personalities prefer stability and consistency. They excel in environments where they can work at a steady pace and are not forced to deal with abrupt changes frequently. Careers in administration, accountancy, and operations, where detailed planning and structured workflows are the norm, can be particularly rewarding for high S types.

Compliance (C)

High Compliance and Career Choices

Individuals who score high in Compliance thrive where precision and expertise are valued. They prefer roles that require attention to detail, deep analytical skills, and a structured framework. Careers in finance, engineering, and science, where meticulousness and methodical processes are crucial, are typically well-suited for high C personalities.


Activity: Exploring Careers Through DISC

To effectively use the DISC assessment for career planning, engage in an activity that helps crystallize the potential career paths aligned with your DISC profile.

  1. Assessment: Take the CCA Tool Survey if you still need to determine your dominant DISC type.

  2. Research: Watch the related video on the DISC tab of the CCA Tool Results that describe the typical characteristics and strengths of your highest DISC score.

  3. List Making: Create a list of various job roles that align with your natural DISC style. Consider aspects like work environment, daily responsibilities, and the type of interactions you would have in these roles. If you need help getting started, look at the Career Suggestions tab to view recommended careers for you.

  4. Reflection: Reflect on how these roles align with your personal goals and other lifestyle preferences.

Understanding your DISC profile is just one part of the career selection process, but it is a pivotal one. By aligning your career path with your DISC style, you can increase your chances of job satisfaction and professional success. This activity not only aids in identifying suitable roles but also provides a deeper understanding of why certain careers might be more enjoyable and rewarding for you based on your personality. Start exploring the CCA Tool today and pave the way for a fulfilling career journey tailored to your unique strengths and preferences.

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