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Personalize Your Resume With the Colorado Career Advising Tool (Part 2)

Personalize Your Resume With the Colorado Advising Tool

Now that you have a basic resume ready to go (see Part 1 if you still need help with this step), customize your resume with language from your Colorado Career Advising Tool Results! Create a Summary or Profile section at the top of your resume describing your strengths and positive traits. It's a great way to make your resume stand out. Follow the steps below to create a compelling elevator pitch to summarize your strengths. 

Colorado Career Advising Tool Results Summary


1. Review Your Sub-Title

Write down the statement under your name on the Results Summary tab to start the opening line of your summary statement. 

CCA Tool Result Summary Sub-Title

2. Add something from “About Me”

Jot down any words or phrases from your “About Me” section you’d like to add to your resume summary. 

CCA Tool Result Summary "About Me"

3. Add Strengths 

Grab some of the adjectives from your “Strengths” section to create a second sentence starting with, “My strengths are…” Feel free to add some of your top skills too like creativity, organization, leadership, customer service, or management.

CCA Tool Results Summary "Strengths"

4. Finish with Job Strategy

End your summary statement with text from the job strategy section. “I am looking for a job where…” is a great way to start this sentence. To really up your game, customize your summary statement for each job you apply to, describing how you are an excellent candidate for the specific role. 

CCA Tool Result Summary "Job Strategy"

5. Check out your Personalized Recommendations 

Scroll to the bottom of your Results Summary page and review your Personalized Insights. Look for tips that you want to remember when searching for a job or selecting an employer. These phrases can also be useful on your resume or during job interviews. Use these phrases to ask questions to understand if the role is a good fit for you.

CCA Tool Result Summary "Personalized Insights"

6. Finishing Touches

Now, refine your summary statement to reflect your authentic voice. Add personal touches that resonate with you to ensure it sounds genuine.

Here is an example: 

Passionate and independent leader committed to making a positive impact and supporting social causes. With a results-driven mindset, I tackle challenges with enthusiasm and adaptability. Seeking a role where I can drive positive change through creative solutions and leadership.

CCA Tool Results Summary + Guide on Resume Building

7. Get Feedback

Consider seeking feedback from a trusted friend, mentor, high school counselor, or local workforce center. Have someone review your summary statement and full resume and suggest any necessary edits.

Get Schooled offers free resume reviews by real people. Having a second set of eyes on your resume can help ensure it is free of grammar or spelling errors and effectively communicates who you are and the skills you can bring to a role.


Creating your first resume is a valuable step toward your future career. It allows you to showcase your skills, experiences, and strengths to potential employers. With resources like LightCast's resume builder and strengths-based text from the Colorado Career Advising Tool, you'll be well on your way to crafting an impressive resume that opens doors to exciting opportunities.

To complete your personal brand, you can turn your resume summary statement into a compelling LinkedIn profile. Find out how in Part 3 of Your Personal Brand: A Three Part Resume Building Series.

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