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Explore a world of personalized career opportunities

Designed for career seekers, students, and advisors, the Colorado Career Advising (CCA) Tool features a quick survey to identify strengths and motivators, laying the foundation for a personalized career action plan.

Who are we?

For Career Seekers of All Ages

Tailored for Colorado career seekers, the CCA Tool offers a curated list of careers based on a self-awareness survey. Create your actionable career plan with goal setting, resume builders, local job listings, and educational pathway resources all in one place.

For Career Counselors and Mentors

Designed to enhance career guidance in Colorado, the CCA Tool uses cutting-edge assessment and career-matching tech, alongside state education resources, and local labor market data. Advisors can provide top-notch career advice with ease.

Colorado Resources webpage
Sample CCA Results Summary
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Launching your career doesn't have to be daunting - we're here to make it easy!

The CCA Tool is your all-in-one solution for launching your career path! Created for career seekers of all ages, it offers personalized career suggestions and guides you through the steps to achieve your goals.


  • DISC and Motivator Survey: Gain self-awareness to better understand your career preferences and needs.

  • Getting Started Guide: Follow the six simple steps in our Navigating the CCA Tool guide to create your career action plan.

  • Insights into Career Pathways: Explore the prospects and earning potential of your chosen career with integrated local labor market data.

  • Curated Education and Training Resources: Whether you're considering a 4-year college, apprenticeships, or entering straight into the workforce, find comprehensive resources to support your path.

  • Free Support: Access quick answers and one-on-one career guidance via text or other support tools.

Getting Started Guide Icon

Need direction after completing the survey? We've got you covered. Download our "Navigating the CCA Tool" guide for a step-by-step plan to kickstart your career journey.

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Discover a curated selection of Colorado resources just for you on our Resource page! Whether you're seeking education and training options, looking to create your first resume, or seeking one-on-one guidance, explore the options available to support you.

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Explore our ever-growing selection of blogs, which supplement our Resources with up-to-date information about careers in Colorado, interview tips tailored to your personality, insights into your survey results, and activities designed to help you achieve your career goals.

For Career Seekers


Choose a survey to begin your career journey.

Student version targets middle school through high school.

Adult version targets post-secondary and any career-seeking adult.

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Colorado Resources webpage
Sample Dashboard Data Table

Join us in empowering the next generation of professionals!

The CCA Tool provides unique insights into your career seekers’ strengths and motivators, along with a curated list of potential career paths.

  • Effective Training and Resources: Access training and resources tailored to help you better support and guide job seekers on their career journey.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Gain easy access to up-to-date labor market data and career trends for informed advising.

  • Streamlined Advising Process: Simplify the career advising process with integrated tools, making it easier than ever to help your students navigate their options.

  • Statewide Impact: Contribute significantly to the state's workforce development and educational alignment, empowering students to make informed decisions about their future.

For Career Advisors


The CCA Tool is your comprehensive solution for career advising! 

CCA Tool Virtual Training Icon

Complete our online CCA Pathway to Self-Awareness and CCA Tool Introduction courses to enhance your advising skills! Start the self-paced courses now.

CCA Dashboard Icon

For advisors assisting multiple career seekers or entire school districts, the CCA Dashboard ensures easy access to advisee information with just a click. Request a dashboard! Fill out the linked form to get started.

Resource Icon

Explore Colorado Resources. Access Career Conversation Starters, education pathway options, and Individual Career Academic Plan requirements. Plus, view local labor market data to guide advisees toward thriving, sustainable careers.

Enhance your Advising with

Meaningful Career Conversations

Ready to empower others through meaningful career exploration and enhance your leadership skills? Join Colorado Education Initiative’s FREE Meaningful Career Conversations trainings, now including offerings for the experienced advisor.

What to expect:

  • What to expect in the MCC training and online course:
    Comprehensive training on the Meaningful Career Conversations framework
    Hands-on experience with career tools (including the CCA Tool!) and resources
    Opportunities for reflection and practice
    Understanding of Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) importance

  • Take the online, self-paced MCC course here and earn Colorado CE credits. 

Who's Using the Colorado Career Advising Tool

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CCA Survey Instructions

Embark on your career pathway or career advising journey today!

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